DIRTY GENES książka, która pomaga zrozumieć przyczyny chorób ale także jak zoptymalizować swoje zdrowie

Dirty Genes - książka napisana przez dr Bena Lyncha. Aktualnie niestety tylko po angielsku, ale myślę, że jak będzie zainteresowanie to i po polsku uda się ja wydać :) Do mnie dojdzie już wkrótce, będę mogła z pierwszej ręki opowiedzieć wrażenia, a na razie opis od wydawcy: "After suffering for years with unexplainable health issues, Dr. Ben Lynch discovered the root cause—“dirty” genes. Genes can be “born dirty” or merely “act dirty” in response to your environment, diet, or lifestyle—causing lifelong, life-threatening, and chronic health problems, including cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Based on his own experience and successfully helping thousands of clients, Dr. Lynch shows you how to identify and optimize both types of dirty genes by cleaning them up with targeted and personalized plans, including healthy eating, good sleep, stress relief, environmental detox, and other holistic and natural means. Many of us believe our genes doom us to the disorders that run in our families. But Dr. Lynch reveals that with the right plan in place, you can eliminate symptoms, and optimize your physical and mental health—and ultimately rewrite your genetic destiny."   Ksiażkę po angielsku można zamawiać m.in na Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0062698141/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_u2qzAbC8ZR57E